Another Cloudy & Rainy Day

This morning will be a soggy start as scattered rain continues to fall from last night.

  Scattered Rain & Storms Today

  First Alert Sunday Evening Outlook

First Alert Sunday Morning Outlook

  First Alert Saturday Evening Outlook

  First Alert Saturday Outlook

  Rain chances increasing for the weekend.

Continued Coverage

  First Alert Friday Forecast

  Calm and Comfortable Weather

  Another cool evening. Warmer across the Heartland tomorrow.

  First Alert Thursday Outlook

  A Rather Nice Thursday!

  A couple of chilly nights ahead for the Heartland.

  Cloudy and Warmer This Morning

Cloud cover this morning is preventing temperatures from dropping too quickly.

  Scattered showers this evening, then looking dry through Friday

Early evening scattered showers possible, then dry for your Wednesday.

  Sun In The AM---Clouds In The PM

Mostly clear skies this morning with another cool start of temperatures mainly in the 40s but a few upper 30s in southern Illinois and northern southeast Missouri can’t be ruled out.

  Tracking cool weather and a few showers for your Tuesday

Another chilly night ahead, lows will dip into the 40s

  Increasing Clouds & Cool This Monday

  Storms moving out of the Heartland. Cooler air moving in.

  Strong to severe storms possible today

  Strong storms and gusty winds are likely for Mother’s Day.

  Severe storms possible Sunday

  Rain moving back into the Heartland Tomorrow. Strong storms possible on Mother’s Day.

  A Cool Morning Turns Into A Beautiful Friday

Clear skies this morning and chilly with temperatures in the 40s.

  Scattered severe storms possible this afternoon

Storms could produce hail and damaging winds through the afternoon.

  Rain & Storms Arrive This Afternoon

Starting off this morning with cooler temperatures in the 40s with partly cloudy skies.

  More rain and possible severe weather on Thursday

Dry tonight, more storms arrive on Thursday.

  What A Difference Today Will Be...

The cold front passed through yesterday leaving an isolated shower with some clouds during the very early predawn hours.

  Isolated strong to severe storms possible this afternoon/early evening

The threat for severe weather continues in our southeastern counties.

  A Stormy Start To Tuesday

Patchy fog will be around some areas this morning but the bigger impact will be rain and storms this across the Heartland.

  Strong to severe storms likely after midnight.

First Alert Forecast

  FIRST ALERT ACTION DAY - Late evening and overnight severe weather possible

Damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes possible.


Isolated rain left over during the very early morning hours.

  First Alert Action Day Monday night into Tuesday morning.

First Alert Forecast

  Isolated showers today, severe weather possible Monday PM

A few showers and thunderstorms possible today.

  Scattered showers and a possible storm tomorrow. Severe weather possible Monday evening.

First Alert Forecast

  Dry weather today, tracking rain and thunderstorms Sunday

Sunshine will warm us up quickly through the day. Highs temperatures will top out near 80 this afternoon, under some high thin clouds.

  Sunny skies for your Friday

First Alert Forecast

  Saturday look nice, rain returns Sunday

Our really nice Friday weather will continue for Saturday.

  Fantastic Friday Forecast

As temperatures have dropped almost 10 to 20 degrees colder this morning behind the cold front yesterday, this has allowed dense fog to form during the early morning.

  Looking ahead towards drier weather

Everyone dries out tonight through Saturday.

  Rain & Storms This Morning

Rain and storms continue to move through this morning.

  Storms will be possible tonight. More scattered showers tomorrow.

First Alert Forecast

  Severe thunderstorm watch until 8 PM

Severe storms and flash flooding possible.

  Storms and Heavy Rain Take Over Today

Cloudy skies dominate the early morning hours. Heading further into the morning, scattered rain and a few storms could move in.

  Flash flood watch has been issued for most of the Heartland

First Alert Forecast

  Heavy rain and possible severe weather expected Wednesday into Wednesday night

Enjoy the windy, but dry weather today. It turns active Wednesday and Thursday.

  Another Warm, Sunny, & Breezy Day

Mild temperatures in the low 60s taking over the start of the day with mostly sunny skies.

  Warm and windy tomorrow. Storms likely Wednesday.

First Alert Forecast

  Summer-Like Monday!

Clear skies this morning with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s.

  Even warmer weather expected Monday, but windy conditions return

Warm and windy weather returns.

  Mostly Sunny & Warmer Today!

Patchy to dense fog has formed across the Heartland and will stay around during the early morning hours on Sunday.

  Looking much nicer on Sunday, tracking wet weather next week

Drying out tonight and clearing out by Sunday.

  One more very cold night

Frost advisories and freeze warnings are in effect tonight.

  Soggy and Cool Saturday

Temperatures Saturday morning will be in the 50s with light to moderate widespread rain.

  Rain likely tomorrow. Pleasant Sunday.

First Alert Forecast

  First Alert Friday Forecast

weather discussion and forecast

  First Alert Friday Morning Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  A few isolated showers possible tomorrow morning. Heavy rain possible Saturday Morning.

First Alert Forecast

  First Alert Thursday Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  First Alert Thursday Morning Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  Frost and freeze advisories for all of the Heartland tonight. Slightly warmer tomorrow.

Good Wednesday Evening Heartland.

  Bitterly Cold Wednesday Morning

Snow has moved off to our east with lingering clouds around this morning.

  Snow ending later this evening. Freeze likely tomorrow morning for much of the Heartland.

First Alert Forecast

  Scattered snow expected this evening, and record cold temperatures possible tonight

Snow and damaging cold temperatures expected.

  Wacky Weather Today!

Mostly clear this morning with temperatures in the 40s with a few upper 30s in our northern counties.

  Turning much colder tomorrow with rain likely late and snow possible too.

First Alert Forecast

  Snow in April? Here is the very latest.

Enjoy the sun and mild temperatures today, because big changes arrive tomorrow.

  Cool with Areas of Fog This Monday

The cloudy and soggy conditions that ended yesterday have moved out this morning.

  First Alert Sunday Evening Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  First Alert Sunday Morning Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  First Alert Saturday Evening Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  First Alert Saturday Morning Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  Chance of rain overnight. Cooler than average temperatures this weekend.

First Alert Forecast

  Cloudier, cooler weekend with some rain chances too

Some light rain moves in Friday night.

  First Alert Friday Morning Outlook

Weather Discussion and Forecast

  Rain chances increase tomorrow night.

First Alert Forecast

  First Alert Thursday Outlook

weather discussion and outlook

  Cloudy With A Range Of Temps This Morning

As clouds thin and move out of our northern counties, temperatures will drop into the 30s with isolated patchy frost.

  Chilly night tonight. Sunny and cool tomorrow.

First Alert Forecast

  A chilly night ahead, some scattered frost possible

Lows tonight drop into the upper 30s and lower 40s.