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  Will warmer weather slow coronavirus? Scientists aren't so sure

Experts point to data that shows the virus has already spread rapidly in countries that are coming out of summer, like Australia.

  Paducah hospital laying off workers

  Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus promotes social distancing in California

In a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement for the State of California, Julia Louis-Dreyfus calls on her Golden State neighbors to stay at home to help c

  The Breakfast Show at 6 a.m. 4/9 pt. 2

  The Breakfast Show at 6 a.m. 4/9 pt. 2

  Mo. 1st elk hunting season

  The Breakfast Show at 6 a.m. 4/9 pt. 1

  Weiner, Arkansas tornado video by Cade Greeno

  Operation egg drop

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  Late night stabbing in Cape

  Fire in East Prairie

  Hotel turning to alternate care site

  Response become election issue

  Easter services impacted

  TikTok: Day in the life of a journalist

  3rd case in Bollinger County

  Multi-tasking mom deals with pandemic

  Tik Tok challenge

  Missouri Alternative care facility

  Inspirational bracelets for nurses

  Jefferson Co. COVID-19 Death

  Health Department corrects case reports

  Small Business Loan Frustrations

  Breast pumps become ventilators

A group of engineers turns old breast pumps into ventilators.

  Caruthersville Police arrest those breaking curfew

  Mother charged, 2 children die in Cadiz, Ky. fire

  COVID-19 update Wednesday morning 4/8

  Mo. and COVID-19

  Domestic Abuse and COVID-19

  Reynolds County tightening stay at home order

  No burn ban