Cairo, IL making light of hard times with huge block party

Cairo, IL making light of hard times with huge block party

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Many people in Southern Illinois know that Cairo can be a hard town to live in.

Members of the newly formed Cairo Block Party Committee say it got even harder when two of the town's public housing complexes were recently shut down, causing hundreds of community members to be relocated.

That same committee is trying to brighten things up in the town, and let it's community members know that they always have a home in Cairo, by throwing a huge block party they're calling 'Cairo-bration' on Labor Day weekend.

Brittany Matthews is the president of the Cairo Block Party Committee who said she formed the committee to show the city that they need to stick together in tough times.

"No one can break what we have," she said, "Cairo has a love like no other. We will always stand united as one."

When the two public housing complexes were shut down, committee members Maria Watkins and Hope Green said the town felt it.

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"I mean it's one thing to lose a business. But to start losing families? That many at one time?" Watkins said.

"Four hundred plus people. Just devastating," Green added.

Committee members say they just want to have a day where the community comes together to appreciate what they have and each other. Watkins says the goal is to show what Cairo used to feel like before so many problems plagued the town.

They say "Cairo-bration" will feature local performers, awards, free food, and plenty of games for people to enjoy.

It is being held on September 1 at the David Box Ball Park.

Matthews said they still need help with donations. She said they are accepting anything from monetary donations to any kind of barbecue and picnic supplies they can get.

If you would like to donate, you can contact Brittany Matthews directly at (618)-306-2102.

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