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Deadly threat: Track ISIS-linked plots to attack America

(Source: Homeland Security Committee) (Source: Homeland Security Committee)

The Department of Homeland Security is making it easier for people at home to stay on top of terror threats in America.

Now, you can track ISIS-linked plots to attack America, all while sitting on your couch thanks to an interactive map.

In 2016 alone, 35 people were arrested in 18 states as possible ISIS threats.

That number includes one arrest in Missouri, only four hours from Cape Girardeau.

In February, authorities arrested a man in Buffalo, Missouri that was threatening on social media to kill law enforcement and people in the military.

Homeland Security says since 9/11, the nation has seen 227 homegrown jihadist cases with a recent surge of 115 cases in 2015 and 2016 alone.

In fact, Homeland Security said earlier this month, America faces a deadlier threat than ever before.

The reason: our enemies are becoming savvier and groups like ISIS are radicalize new operatives from within our borders.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul explained in the December Terror Threat Snapshot:

The attack last week at Ohio State University is further proof that our homeland remains in the crosshairs of Islamist terrorists. Groups like ISIS are radicalizing new operatives from within our borders, and just this week their new spokesman called for more inspired attacks by supporters ‘all over the world.’ Make no mistake: we face a deadlier threat than ever before not only because our enemies have gotten savvier, but because we took the pressure off them. For eight years, the Obama Administration reluctantly played global whack-a-mole with terrorists rather than leaning into the fight with decisive leadership. Because of this, the Trump Administration will inherit a generational struggle that has only gotten longer. But rest assured, we will work closely with them to turn the table on these fanatics.

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