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Source: WalletHub

Most Heartland states are home to unhappy Americans

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Are you happy?

The state you live in might have an impact, according to Wallet Hub.

In its latest survey, researchers worked to determine which states are home to the happiest Americans.

Turns out, the happiest people are in Utah.

The least happiest people live in West Virginia.

How do the Heartland states stack up?

Kentucky is the least happiest Heartland state. It ranks 49.

Wallet Hub also ranks in the top 5 for the highest depression rate and lowest adequate sleep rate.

People in Missouri aren't much happier. Wallet Hub ranks the state at 42.

Illinois is the happiest Heartland state. It ranks 25.

However, Wallet Hub reports Illinois has one of the highest long-term unemployment rates.

The big question: how much does where you live influence your happiness?

According to Scott Cloutier, an assistant professor in the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, it plays a big role.

"Outside of our jobs, most of us spend the majority of our lives in our homes and neighborhoods. Whether we realize it or not, happiness is heavily influenced by the spaces in which we exist. If we feel safe, connected and welcome in our communities, we likely feel happier than those who live in unsafe communities. Likewise, if our homes are designed in ways that enhance our well-being (e.g., good daylight, ventilation or colors that make us happier like green), we tend to rate ourselves happier."

Your might also be happier if your personality matches your environment.

Cost of living can play role.

According to Nancy E. Snow, a professor and director of the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing at the University of Oklahoma, "If you are unable to enjoy amenities that others can afford, you'll feel left our and excluded from the activities occurring around you and might become envious. Envy is a vice that destroys happiness."

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