Flood of 2019

  First Alert Saturday Morning Outlook

Flooded, closed roads in the Heartland

  Corps of Engineers to begin Phase I floodfight in Cairo, Reelfoot-Obion, Missouri areas

  Cape Girardeau leaders monitoring excessive rain due to concerns about flooding

  Is Southern Illinois prepared for another historic flood?

  Community leaders in Mt. Vernon to demolish homes built in floodplain

Continued Coverage

Officials discuss 2020 flood outlook at event Murphysboro event

  Emergency Management officials prepare for flooding in Carter Co., Mo.

FEMA: Flooding could be an issue Spring 2020, Missourians urged to buy flood insurance

  FEMA visits Grand Tower to assess flood damage

  Disaster loans offered for flood victims

  Flood disaster loan outreach center to open in Alexander County, Ill.

  FloodSmart Cairo campaign aims to raise awareness of flood risks

They hope to raise awareness of the flood risk, evacuation routes and flood safety.

Sandbag removal from historic flooding is in the works

The old sandbags are an eyesore and reminder of a very tough time this summer in East Cape Girardeau, Ill.

  State of Illinois seeks additional assistance for flood recovery

The State of Illinois is seeking additional recovery assistance following the historic flooding in 2019.

  2 Heartland women give blankets to comfort people in McClure, Ill. after flooding

A couple of Heartland woman have big hearts and talented hands. They’re using both to offer hugs made of fabric to folks in McClure hurt by flooding.

  Heartland farmer restores soil after flood

FEMA denies Illinois’ request for federal assistance to residents, business owners following historic flooding

  Pres. Trump approves Ill. disaster declaration

  Influx of frogs, toads after historic flooding in southeast Mo.

Mo., Ill., Ky. to receive millions in emergency relief funds for road and bridge repairs

  $4M awarded to IDOT to repair flood-damaged roads, bridges

U.S. Dept. of Labor awards more than $2M to Mo. for severe storm, flood recovery

According to the Department of Labor, up to $806,667 will be released initially.

  Crews work with homeowners to removed damage to homes caused by floodwaters in Alexander County, Ill.

The next phase of the flood fight begins as crews begin tearing down the damage all that water left behind.

  Gov. Pritzker requests federal disaster declaration for 2019 flooding

If approved for a federal disaster declaration, residents and businesses affected by historic flooding would be allowed to apply for grants and loans to assist with storm-related expenses and losses.

  Illinois lawmakers tour flood damage in the Heartland

State Leaders in Illinois said they want to do a better job of responding to disasters like the flooding that plagued Alexander County this year.

Mo. counties to receive $9M for land damaged by flooding

NRCS field offices are accepting applications through Oct. 18.

  Designs move forward for new flood wall in Caruthersville, Mo.

Designs are being developed for a new flood wall in Caruthersville, Mo. that will replace the existing barrier that is 87 years old.

  Heartland family receives free RV after losing home in flood

A southern Illinois family receives a donated RV after mold and floodwater destroyed their home.

  Crawfish are finding their way into the streets in Alexander County, Ill.

With all the water gone, the tiny creatures are finding their way into the streets.

  Police officers hand out ice cream to boost morale after flooding

The officers drove by every home in the community to give every child or adult they saw a sweet treat.

FEMA assesses damage at homes in East Cape Girardeau

The team is talking with homeowners on Tuesday and assessing the exterior of the homes.

  Counselors available to help students dealing with flooding aftermath

Union County Counseling has two counselors available for the students and staff for three days a week at the Shawnee School District this year.

  Flood victims continue life adjustments as FEMA assesses damaged homes

Homeowners say they welcome the damage assessment team to hopefully get some financial assistance later.

  FEMA starts home damage assessment in Alexander County, Ill.

They will be assessing more than 200 homes reported to have water damage in Alexander County.

  Volunteers help clean up sandbags in McClure, Ill.

They had about 45 volunteers working together throughout the day.

  Sports radio station back on the air after flooding

The transmitter site in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois flooded in June.

  Seep water recedes, trees start dying in East Cape Girardeau, Ill.

Michelle Cochran points out trees and shurbs in her East Cape Girardeau yard that are starting to die off now that seep water is receding.

  East Cape Girardeau village leaders vote to condemn mobile home park, other areas

The Village of East Cape Girardeau met to determine the fate of several areas in East Cape Girardeau, Ill.

  Ill. Congressman Mike Bost visits stranded inland barges in Alexander County

Months ago, six loose barges were sucked into the broken portion of the Lens Small Levee near Miller City, Ill. Four out of the six were collected but two remain.

  Possible looters worry East Cape Girardeau mobile home residents

Village of East Cape Trustee Jason Tubbs said stealing from the community makes a bad situation worse.

MoDOT extends weight allowance for trucks used in flood relief, levee repair

The extension allows private and for-hire carriers to haul up to 10% more than their licensed weight on the highways.

  Ill. residents await federal assistance after flooding

Representatives from FEMA won’t be in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois on Monday, Aug. 12 as planned.

  East Cape Girardeau leaders prepare damage assessment paperwork

He said if all goes well, the village will receive federal funds.

  Heartland farmer reacts to flooding, trade war

A soybean farmer in New Madrid County, Missouri feels like the flood has hurt more than the trade war.

  By the numbers: Mississippi River dropped below flood stage in Cape Girardeau after 144 days

During this time, three states saw devastating flooding which damaged housing, businesses, roads, farmland and more.

  USDA declares agriculture disaster in 102 Ill. counties following flooding

The governor requested the disaster declaration on July 3.

  Relief aid available for flood victims in Alexander County, Ill.

The Illinois Realtors Relief foundation is donating up to $15,000 in relief.

  Man from McClure, Ill. finds black mold inside flooded home

As homeowners in Alexander County, Ill. start returning home, some are surprised to see signs of black mold spreading on the inside.

FEMA approves request to add 6 more Mo. counties for assistance

The individual assistance program assists with temporary housing, housing repairs and the replacement of household items.

  IEMA sends damage assessment team to Alexander County

Becky Glodo with the Village of East Cape Girardeau said the mobile homes are still under a voluntary evacuation. They do not have gas, electric or water.

  Shawnee schools helping students with school supplies on heels of devastating flood

The Shawnee School District #84 is supplying school supplies for all grades, Pre-K through 12 this year.

  Heartland flooded roads, bridge information

Floodwaters can be deeper that they appear and hide other hazards such as sharp objects, electrical wires, sewage and chemicals.

  Landowner waiting for barges to be removed from Alexander Co. property

The barges ended up on farmland after they were sucked through a breach in the Len Small Levee

  Flood victims in East Cape Girardeau get flood assistance application help

The Shawnee Development Council was there to help with applications for financial assistance on Friday, August 2.

  McClure receives flood assistance from Shawnee Development Council

People in McClure are picking up the pieces after months of flooding but, they aren't doing it alone.

  Floodwaters force bride to take a boat to her wedding

A Heartland bride’s wedding day had a soggy start.

  Crews clean-up riverfront for visitors, riverboat dockings

For the first time this summer riverboats will be able to dock at the Cape Girardeau riverfront.

Illinois National Guard completes flood operations

The Illinois National Guard left East Cape Girardeau on July 30.

  McClure, East Cape Girardeau residents needing flood assistance can apply Aug. 1-2

This is for residents who need assistance with lodging, food, clothing, necessities, rent, electric, gas, prescriptions and more.

  Deadline for Missouri residents to apply for FEMA assistance approaching

The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance in Missouri is September 19.

  McClure, Ill. used sandbags to battle floodwaters, now the challenge is picking them up

People in McClure used sandbags to battle floodwaters, and now they have a new challenge. What to do with all the sandbags?

  Ill. Army National Guard soldiers to leave East Cape Girardeau; still ‘risky’ to restore power, let residents return home

The Illinois Army National Guard is scheduled to leave East Cape Girardeau on Tuesday, July 30.

  Devil’s Backbone Park and Campground in need of relief aid to clean, repair

As the floodwaters continue to recede, the cleanup efforts are underway at Devil’s Backbone Park and Campground.

FEMA approves disaster assistance to Mo. counties recovering from flooding, storms

The approval means FEMA will assist with the cost of repairs to damaged roads, bridges and other public infrastructure.

Route 3 to open back up after weeks of flooding

Route 3 is open after weeks of flooding. Things are finally getting back to normal for those who live in Thebes.

  Rain causes flooded streets in East Cape Girardeau

Rain poured into East Cape Girardeau causing streets to flood in a town that is still dealing with a flooding crisis.

  Rte. 3 between East Cape Girardeau, Gale, Ill. reopened

IDOT reopned Route 3 from the Cape "Y" south to Gale, Ill. Monday, July 29.

  Everyday Hero: Ashley Sturm stepping up to help her community in the floodfight

This Everyday Hero used all of her time off for the year accrued as a mail sorter with the United States Postal Service to stay home and save her home and help her neighbors.

  Illinois Army National Guard continues floodfight in East Cape Girardeau

The Illinois Army National Guard were on hand checking on pumps, sandbag walls, cleaning up unused sandbags and assisting the community.

  Churches unite to help honor couple who helped save a southern Ill. town from flooding

With the months long floodfight, there have been helping hands along the way to protect and save the homes and businesses.

  Heartland school helping students dealing with flooding

School officials tell us they are wanting to make sure to help every student with any help they can before walking into their classrooms.

  IDOT: Portions of Rte 3 and Rte 146 reopen to traffic

It's been a long time coming for drivers who'd had to go the long way around to and from Cape Girardeau.

  Route 3 between East Cape Girardeau, Gale, Ill. to remain closed this weekend

Route 3 between East Cape Girardeau and Gale, Illinois was the first major road closure in Alexander County from this year’s historic flood, and it appears it’ll be the last to reopen.

  Heartland drivers relieved Ill. Rte. 3 reopening July 26

After five weeks, the detours are finally about to be over

  Cleanup begins at flooded Trail of Tears State Park campsite

For the first time in months, staff at Trail of Tears State Park are working to reopen their most popular campsite along the riverfront.

  Riverfront Trail in Cape Girardeau remains partially closed to public

On Wednesday, July 24, the Parks and Recreation Department said it is hoping to reopen it before the weekend.

  Grand Tower feeling a small relief after major flood problems

As the Mississippi River continues to go down, river towns like Grand Tower are starting to feel some needed much relief.

  Drains, water pumps key to falling floodwaters in Alexander Co. Ill.

More floodwater is being flushed out of Alexander County Illinois now more than ever, thanks to gravity drains and water pumps that are working around the clock.

  Sand from sandbags clogs sewage system in East Cape Girardeau

Crews start to fix sewage system so people don't have issues in their homes.