Hornbeck Case To Get National Exposure

Originally on KFVS12.com October 28, 2002
Hornbeck Case to Get National Exposure
By: Randall Kamm
RICHWOODS, Mo. --The case of Shawn Hornbeck will be getting some more national media exposure.  Just last week, his picture and information were featured at the end of  the CBS show "Without a Trace".  Now he'll appear on the popular "America's Most Wanted" show.
Hornbeck disappeared almost a month ago.
He was last seen October 6th riding his bike not far from his home in the Washington County town of Richwoods.
On Monday, a 3-person crew from the television show America's Most Wanted spent the day in Richwoods following search teams, talking with volunteers, even interviewing Shawn Hornbeck's parents.
All of this will go into a segment that will run either this Saturday night or next.
The hope is that telling Shawn's story, and showing his picture nationwide will bring in a tip that brings the 11-year old home.
America's Most Wanted is also featuring the search for Shawn Hornbeck on it's website.
You can see that on the Heartland News website by clicking on newslinks.