Mighty Mend-it: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith
"Mend, hem and wear it again...." that's the claim from Mighty Mendit.
It's another product touted...or shall I say "shouted" by smooth-talkin' Billy Mays, spokesperson.  Only a few of his products have fared well on my tests, but I'm always open-minded.  So, let's see.
"One down, several more to go," said my helper, Janice Nolen of Bertrand.
Together, Janice and I scrounged up eight items to test.  We applied the "super-glue like" substance to a torn pillow, a metallic box, a broken knick knack, broken mirror, ripped apart watch band, tattered party purse, torn leather suspenders, and a ripped seam on my suit pants.  However, listing those items was a lot easier than fixing them.
"It's stringy, and you do get a lot on your hands," Janice said.
That's probably because it takes two people to apply Mighty Mend-it.  Per the directions, Janice also applied some petroleum jelly to the nozzle.  That worked for a bit, but it's still hard to squeeze this stuff out.
"It''s on there. We'll see how it stays," said Janice.
You can't say we aren't trying.  Janice and I put a can of tuna on top of the metallic box, in fairness.  It's material isn't very pliable.  Then we clamped together the pillow seam with clothespins.  We noticed the seam is tight to begin with.  It wants to pull apart on its own already.
As for my torn suit pants, I let them set for the required two hours before wearing.  Then, back at the station, I try them on.
"Ok, not too bad. I'll put my hand in my pocket. Not too bad again.  I'm going to sit down in a chair and hope this isn't a TV blooper!"  
And to my surprise, Mighty Mendit keeps the seam in place, but hold on....Mighty Mendit also promises it's machine-washable.  I found...it is...at first, but a few days later I wore the full suit, and I'm embarrased to tell you my pants ripped apart at work!
Back at Janice's home, our test cloths pulled apart easily.  Janice says both seams on the purse, pillow, suspenders and watch aren't holding.  With the help of added weight, Mighty Mendit did repair her box, knick knack and mirror, but for $27, will she buy it?
"If you wanted to split a package between friends, maybe, but I wouldn't pay that much for it just for myself," she said.
It seems this might be an *expensive* quick fix, but it's not the self-proclaimed permanent adhesive and definitely not easy to work with!
Given that and the price, I'm not "torn" over handing out a D plus to Mighty Mend it---and that might just have spokesperson Billy Mays "in stitches" on this Does it Work test.