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Mike Shain, who started with KFVS12 36 years ago, is retiring.
"I make my decision with some regret," said Mike.  "Regret for the stories yet to be told, the challenge to covering local news, but most of all, not being with the people of Heartland News and KFVS12 will be the most difficult thing."
According to Mark Little, News Director for KFVS12, Mike will continue to contribute to Heartland News on a limited basis through special assignments and projects.
Little said of Mike, "He brings wisdom, context, and wit that only Mike Shain can bring to the newsroom and to the entire station."
TONIGHT on Heartland News at 6:00, KFVS12 will air a special tribute to Mike produced by co-anchor Mary-Ann Maloney. It will include comments from current and former anchors who worked with him.
"From the day I walked into the newsroom, Mike made me feel welcome," said Mary-Ann. "He would go out of his way to pass along a compliment about an outfit or a story, anything to make you feel more comfortable in the room of virtual strangers.  He still does that to this day."
"I always refer to Mike as ‘the Charles Kuralt of the Heartland,'" said Mike Smythe, Vice President and General Manager of KFVS12. "Very few in this business can tell a story like him. Mike has certainly had a great career at KFVS12."
Mike Shain began his broadcasting career while a high school senior in 1956 at radio station KSIM in Sikeston.  In 1970 he moved to radio station KMPL, also in Sikeston. When Mike's career at KFVS-TV began in 1972, the station was owned and operated by founder Oscar Hirsch.  In 1979 Hirsch sold the station to the AFLAC Broadcast Group.  In 1997, AFLAC sold the entire group of seven TV stations to Raycom Media.  Throughout the ownership changes, Mike endured as an essential force covering local news from all parts of the viewing area. During his time at KFVS12 he did nearly every job in the newsroom, including Assignment Editor, News Director, Producer, Reporter, and Anchor.
"For years I had been looking for talent. I learned that, not only did he sound great, he was a fine individual" said Don McNeely, former 50-year employee of KFVS.  "Mike was very talented, he could do it all. Oscar Hirsch finally saw the light and hired him.  It was one of the best decisions he'd ever make."
"I have always felt pride being part of KFVS," continued Mike. "Not because of what I do but being associated with so many professionals now and over the 36 years. I look at the work and think, I'm proud.  There is another thing about KFVS, an unusual quality of the people now and past. I've never worked with anyone I didn't like."
Coincidentally, Mike was just awarded the KFVS12 "Team Player of the Month" award for December. According to Little, he anchored and reported on holidays and weekends so others could enjoy time off.
StormTeam Meteorologist Bob Reeves has worked with Mike for nearly all of the 36 years. "Mike is the epitome of someone who cares so much about what he does and in doing so is inspiring to all around him," said Reeves.  "He's endearing to the younger staff-be it through humor, practical jokes, or example."
Long-time Breakfast Show anchor Jim Burns worked for Mike as a producer during his early years at KFVS12. "He cared so much and was so passionate about his work. He was there around the clock, 7 days a week, on nearly every newscast."
Former Sports Director Randy Ray, now in the station's Sales Department, shared the anchor desk with Mike for 19 years. "We're all here to take care of KFVS.  During Mike's time, KFVS was well cared for."
Maloney co-anchored with Mike for more than 15 years, longer than any other anchor.  "Mike knows so much about the Heartland and what viewers care about.  No one works harder, cares more, or is more dedicated to his craft than Mike.  No one."