Grieving Family Shares Their Story after Brother Dies of Suspected Prescription Drug Abuse

Grieving Family Shares Their Story after Brother Dies of Suspected Prescription Drug Abuse
By: CJ Cassidy
DEXTER, Mo. - A Dexter family wants to warn people about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.
Their loved one died Sunday of a suspected drug overdose related to a pain relieving patch.
Home video captured some of Bryan Maslinski's last moments.
Lying in a coma in a hospital bed, his family says they almost didn't recognize the usually vibrant 21 year old.
"He was a giving kind hearted guy person who would do anything for anybody," Jamie Maslinski said.
She can't believe her brother would take a risk the way they think he did.
"We heard he did take maybe one maybe two Fentanyl patches 50 mg each," she said.
Fentanyl is a 72 hour time release narcotic patch usually prescribed to patients with chronic pain.
"When you take it and you extract medication in veins or chew them you get the full amount of medication at one time and the body can't tolerate it," Stoddard County Sheriff Carl Hefner explained.
He wouldn't comment on Maslinski's case because the investigation is still ongoing.
But consider this: over the past four years, Hefner says Fentanyl and prescription drug overdose deaths in the county greatly surpass the number of deaths from illegal drug use.
"It's a money making deal for some people," he said.
Jamie Maslinski and her friends tattooed Bryan's slogan "let it be" on their wrists.  They hope they can someday move past the tragedy they're struggling to cope with now.
"If there were any warning signs we just didn't know to look for them or we didn't see them, or we ignored them. I didn't see it coming," said Marshall Maslinski, Bryan's older brother.
"My parents lost a child.  They are never going to get through that be the same again.  I'm very angry at him, extremely angry at him," Jamie said wiping away tears.
The Maslinski family hopes sharing the details and video of Bryan's sudden death helps save at least one other life.

They also have a foundation set up to try and help other victims and their families.  Donations can be made at the Bank of Advance to the Bryan Maslinksi Memorial Fund.  A website is also under construction.