Touch Light

The Touch Light is about the size of a saucer, with a dome lid you "tap" to turn on. It runs off *four* AA batteries -- not included -- and a tiny 6-volt bulb. Yet it promises to safely light-up any area of your home, RV or boat. So it should work in dark spaces in the KFVS building, too.
Our tape closet is about the size of a walk-in closet at home. Amy Jacquin hangs the Touch Light, turns it on, and flips off the light to see how the Touch Light performs. She waits a couple of minutest to let her eyes adjust, but she's not happy with how little light the 6-volt bulb provides. It's hardly enough to see where you're walking, much less the color of clothes hanging in your closet.
The Touch Light says it's safer than candles. There's no arguing with that. But it also claims to be easier than a flashlight. That depends on if you know where you keep your flashlight! Actually, there's nothing hard about either one! Granted, you have to hold the flashlight, or find a place to set it down. But it's much brighter than the touchlight.
It says -- no messy wires, perfect where no outlet is available. Yes, but it uses four expensive batteries. And you have to be willing to put a nail or screw wherever you want to hang it... including in your boat or RV.
Can you really count on it during power failures? If you remember to change those batteries.
And keep in mind, the Touch Light often requires more than one "tap" to turn it on... you have to hit the brittle plastic it just right.
Still, the Touch Light does keep both hands free.  And it doesn't require any wires or outlets. You can find the Touch Light at different department stores... a four-pack is less than $10. But keep in mind you still have to buy batteries, and it gives only a gentle glow... not enough to read by. Amy says she'd still grab a flashlight. The Touch Light tops out at a D+.