8/21/02 - Melon Miracle?

Most everybody loves watermelon, it's a favorite summertime treat. Now there's even more reason to eat it, because it could cut your chance of getting cancer!
Here's why. You know watermelon's red right? Well, the substance that makes it red is called lycopene and it actually fights cancer! Tasty news for watermelon lovers everywhere!
Leona Laster says, "I've always liked watermelons, it's really good." A watermelon stand right off the road in Sikeston was too much for Leona to resist. "Well, I took my husband to the doctor and he said he wanted a watermelon before he went home," Leona says. And it's a good thing Leona stopped. Researchers say that watermelons have the cancer fighting antioxidant lycopene in them, cutting your risks of prostrate and other types of cancer. News that makes Leona want to get more. "I think it's nice to find out something you like cuts your chances of cancer," Leona says.
You may want to pick up more than one watermelon. Watermelons are rich in Vitamins A and C, along with iron and calcium. It's also big news to the Heartland man known to most as the "melon man," Bob Dwyer. "I started raising giants eight years ago," Bob says. "I've been trying to break the record for eight years now."
Bob and his wife Tina have come pretty close to that record over the years. They're hoping a monster melon they have in their crop, that already weighs 200 pounds, is their claim to fame. But even if it doesn't, for now, they know at least that they're growing a tasty health food! "It's 91 percent water," Bob says. "It's the only thing you eat and drink at the same time."

Bob Dwyer will get national attention soon for his watermelons, when Home and Garden Television comes into town to feature his crop. If you want to buy a watermelon, you better get one fast. Watermelon season only runs through labor day.