Crayola 3D Chalk: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith
School's been out about a month now for many kids in the Heartland, but as parents, are you already hearing the phrase, "I'm bored," ?  If so, perhaps it's time to try Crayola's new 3D Chalk.  It's a new spin on a classic favorite, sidewalk chalk.  Let's see what the real testers think. After all, this stuff has to pass their test first.
"Wow! Amazing!" shouts soon-to-be first grader, Devin Heuring of Benton, MO.
We're off to a good start.  Students in Kelly Elementary summer school classes are helping out.  The two-colored chalk sticks seem to be just as much fun, and sure enough, when they put on the special 3D glasses, their drawings really do pop off the pavement!
"Weird!" says Lilly Beth Jones.
"Really fun and it looked like cartoons," said student Alex Presson.
"It's lot different!" says Leah Schnurbusch.
By now, I bet you're wishing you could see these 3D images.  Trust me, the images may not be as cool as seen in the commercial, but it's close.  You really can see a difference with these 3D glasses.
Before this Crayola kit aces the Does it Work test, I'd like to know: do you always have to buy this special chalk it comes with?
Art teacher Nikki Heuring sketches some doodles with regular ole' sidewalk chalk, and sure enough, the glasses make each come alive! She also says it's a nice art lesson that she'll likely use in her own classroom.
"When you put the glasses on, the warm and cool colors separate. It also gives them a nice introduction into 3D and what's the difference," says Heuring.
It's also worth noting: for best results, you'll want to draw on black asphalt or dark pavement, just like us, and what the commercial shows.
"So would you play with these at home?" I ask.  The kids all chimed in, "Yeah!"
There's no doubt, Crayola's $5 3-D chalk passes with flying colors, literally, and aces this Does it work test.  Crayola 3D Chalk= A
I bought the 3D Chalk at Wal-Mart.