Tobi Travel Steam Iron: Does it Work?

Tobi Travel Steam Iron: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

One can only hope the Travel Tobi Steamer really works as instantly as in the commerical.  I know a few of us at Heartland News whoe could really use it, even at work.
"Lauren, I just ironed these at home and they're already wrinkled," says StormTeam Meteorologist Laura Wibbenmeyer, showing me her wrinkled, linen pants.
"We get in about two to three hours before the show, and we sit down at the computer to put together our forecast models and graphics. Then we go over to the weather wall and stand up to give the forecast. That's where, I'm afraid, viewers at home can see wrinkles everywhere on me. So, let's see if the Tobi can help!" says Laura.
Distilled water is best, but the directions say tap water will do. In seconds, the light turns off, indicating the Tobi is ready to go, but it doesn't feel hot nor do we hear steam building up.
Turns out you need to pump the button a bit to activate it, but don't get too "trigger happy" either. If you do, more water actually drips out rather than steams out.
"Maybe the next time we won't pump as much," says Laura.
We can see Laura's jeans are less wrinkled. The leg on the left is wearable, but the leg on the right is still damp. We pumped too much steam on that side.  Now, let's try Laura's linen pants.
"It has gotten out some of the wrinkles, even the deep ones," says Laura as she runs the Tobi over her pants that are still on the hanger.
Still, the Tobi doesn't necessarily iron clothing right on the hanger, as easily as it claims to do in the commerical.  On that, you see the Tobi taking out wrinkles, almost instantly. However, we have a lot better luck when we press the clothing against a hard surface, much like a regular iron.
"You may need the pressure of it against something," says Laura.
For our final test, Laura and I try the Travel Tobi on a cotton jacket. Once again, we have better luck dragging it across the break room table, much like a regular ironing board.
"It does get wrinkles out, maybe not quite as handy as what it says in the commercial though," she says.
Still, Laura likes that the very hot steam more than likely is santizing in the process. She also thinks this travel iron could have an advantage at home, when you're not on the road or at the office.
"I'd give it a 'B'. I may not run out and buy it, but it might be good for curtains and upholstery," she says.
Fair enough---while we didn't have luck steam ironing items right on the hanger, the Tobi still got the wrinkles out in true fashion. The $20 Travel Tobi steam iron makes the grade with a 'B' on this Does it Work test.
I bought it at Wal-Mart in Cape Girardeau.