6/10/02 - Five Health Tips for Men

Monday kicks off National Men's Health Week and there are five tips every man should consider. Statistics show men go the doctor 150-million times less frequently than women every year. They are five tips every man probably already knows about, but many times over looks.

Dr. Brent Voszler says, "Men are usually very tardy at showing up at doctor offices, they usually just come in for certain injuries." Dr. Voszler sees close to 50 patients a day, only around 15 of them are men. "Patients generally don't come asking for specific testing," Dr. Voszler says. "What we should be doing is recommending they have specific screenings that's appropriate at their age." Dr. Voszler says many men don't realize how young an age these tests start.

Men shouldn't wait until middle age to worry about their cholesterol, regular cholesterol screenings should start when you're in your teens. Men should start getting regular colonoscopies at 45-years-old. Men should also get a prostrate exam with a prostrate specific antigen test, or PSA, at 50-years-old. You've heard of the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a baby aspirin? Men should start taking a baby aspirin daily when they're 40-years-old. "I think there's lots of good evidence it reduces repeat heart attacks and helps prevent the original initial one," Dr. Voszler says. Don't neglect your eyes. Glaucoma screenings should start when you're 40, and like other diseases, you should start getting the screenings even earlier if you have a family history of the disease. "Certainly the earlier you catch these or identify the risk factors the better the outcome in the end," Dr. Voszler says.

Like the five best tests for women, all the tests for men are usually covered by insurance.