FEMA Assesses Damage After the Flood
By: Mike Shain
BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. - Furniture, clothing, shoes and appliances are piled in front of Glenallen homes but it's not a neighborhood yard sale.  People who hastily fled their homes in last week's flooding are trying to dry out and save what they can.
A few miles away in Marble Hill, help could be on the way.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency has set up a mobile communications center to keep in touch with federal and state disaster officials.  FEMA has eight, four-person teams surveying flood damage in 41 Missouri counties declared disaster areas.
FEMA anticipates quick completion of the damage assessment which will be forwarded to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.  Blunt then can request disaster assistance from the federal government.  Approval of aid to individuals can include grants or low interest loans for home repairs, rental assistance, replacement of furniture and personal belongings. 
Jack Heesch, FEMA Public Affairs Officer, says he knows of people getting lost eye glasses replaced.  FEMA stresses that it's assessing damages in southeast Missouri, not taking applications at this time.  If and when disaster aid is approved, FEMA will begin a campaign to make people aware and instruct them where to go to seek help.