Archeological Finds Unearthed at New Business Site

Archeological Finds Unearthed at New Business Site
By: Heartland News

MARION, Ill. - Marion's ever growing population may have just unearthed one of the most significant archeological finds in Ilinois history
A new business park and distribution center is scheduled to be built east of Marion.
But before any concrete is poured, workers found some interesting artifacts dating back some 1500 years.
What may look like arrowheads are actually from pre-historic Indians who once lived right here in the Heartland.
The archeologists say they found something even more historic, two walls of a structure.
"Such structuring of that type dating to this cultural period are not well documented.  Very few examples have been identified to date.  That above all else is what I think is of such special interest about this site," said Steve Titus with the American Resources Group, Ltd.
Some of the old hunting and stone instruments found at the site so far date back more than 9000 years.