Group Circulates Petition to Repeal Smoke Free Act

Group Circulates Petition to Repeal Smoke Free Act
By: Carly O'Keefe

BENTON, Ill. - Members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Benton, Illinois are circulating a petition opposing the "Smoke-Free Illinois Act". The signatures not only call for the law's repeal, but by signing, petitioners vow not to vote for any incumbent lawmaker unless the law is repealed.
"I don't smoke, period. But Americans have got too many rights just up and vanishing because some politician decides they've got the clout and want to get rid of something. It's not right," said petition signer Larry Eskew.
Sandy Swalls is gathering signatures on a copy of the petition in her business, Sandy's Bar and Grill.
"They carried this too far.  We have to have some rights, and that should be our choice," said Swalls.
Swalls keeps the petition on her bar and asks her patrons to sign it as they head outside to stand 15 feet from away from doors, windows and ventilation intakes to light up.
"I hope it helps.  I doubt it will, but I hope it does.  This gives us a voice at least," Swalls said.