Clinton, McCain Win New Hampshire Primary

Clinton, McCain Win New Hampshire Primary
By: Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton has rebounded from her loss in Iowa to defeat Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary. It was an unexpected victory for Clinton, who had fallen behind Obama in the New Hampshire polls in recent days. Her top campaign aides had appeared to be bracing for another loss. Exit polls found Clinton with the solid support of female voters. She also won handily among registered Democrats, even as Obama led by an even larger margin among independents.
Barack Obama is congratulating Hillary Rodham Clinton for what he calls a "hard-fought victory" in New Hampshire. Obama told supporters that he's "still fired up," despite his unexpected defeat at the hands of Clinton, who was rebounding from her third-place Iowa finish.
John McCain is the winner in the New Hampshire Republican primary. It's a major comeback for the Arizona senator. He says this is a first step toward repairing the broken politics of the past and restoring Americans' trust in their government.
Republican Mitt Romney is calling his second place finish in New Hampshire behind John McCain a silver medal. He congratulated McCain for what he called a first-class race. He said earlier, he expects to be "1 of the two" candidates in contention until the very end.