Stolen Rodeo Bulls Reunited with Owners

Stolen Rodeo Bulls Reunited with Owners
By: Wes Wallace

BUTLER COUNTY, Mo. - It was a short and bumpy ride Rose Ann Newcomb won't soon forget.  After finishing up at a bull riding contest in Nashville, Tennessee, Rose Ann and her husband Bob were ready to head home for Butler County.

"My husband hopped out to help another friend load up some bulls and left the truck running because it was cold." explained Rose Ann.  "I reached down to look for something in my purse and heard the door open.  I thought it was Bob, but when I looked up, I was staring at him face to face."

Rose Ann says the man had a stocking over his face but looked into his eyes.  He turned away, put the truck in gear, and started to drive.

"At that point I knew if he kept me, he'd kill me!  So I turned and grabbed the door and opened it and jumped out and he kept going!"  said Rose Ann.

Early Saturday morning, Tennessee police found the truck, trailer, and bulls on the side of Interstate 65 north of Nashville.

Rose Ann says she has had a headache for the last few days, but is otherwise doing OK.   The 12 bulls on the Newcombs' trailer are shown all over the nation at rodeo events, and are worth several hundred thousand dollars.

 The thief has not been captured.