"Friends of the Cross" Raise $60,000 to Repair Bald Knob

"Friends of the Cross" Raise $60,000 to Repair Bald Knob
By: Carly O'Keefe

UNION COUNTY, Ill. - While a judge has yet to rule on a pending lawsuit filed more than a year ago against the Bald Knob Cross of Peace Board of Directors, another group is raising money to repair the cross once it's back to business as usual.
A disagreement between board members and a court injunction stand in the way of any major repairs.  Meanwhile, the cross remains unlit at night and several panels have fallen off, leaving gaping holes in the 111 foot structure.
A lawsuit filed in December 2006 asks a judge to dissolve the current 18-member board and put a new one in place.  Whatever the court decides, members of a citizen group called "Friends of the Cross" want to be ready to get to work.
Repairing the structure of the cross could cost as much as $300,000 or more.  The "Friends of the Cross" set a very ambitious goal to raise $100,000 a year.  So far, members have been overwhelmed by the response.
"It's difficult to raise even $5000, and here we've already raised almost $60,000.  It's great in such a short period of time," said "Friends of the Cross" member Jim Nash.
A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for February 6th in the Union County Circuit Court to begin the lawsuit, but the injunction will remain in effect.
To donate: write checks payable to "Friends of the Cross".
Mail to:
"Friends of the Cross"
P.O. Box 81
Alto Pass, IL 62905
You may also make donations to the "Friends of the Cross" through Farmer's State Bank of Alto Pass.
All donations will be used strictly for the renovation or reconstruction of Bald Knob Cross itself.