Police Look for Suspects After Man Beaten, Jaw Broken

James Squires
James Squires
Police Look for Suspects After Man Beaten, Jaw Broken
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, Mo. - He calls it the shock of his life.  A Kennett man gets attacked just a couple of blocks from his home.

It happened early Thursday morning in the 900 block of South Anthony Street.
James Squires arrived in Cape Girardeau to get some medical help, and can't talk without hurting, but he wanted to share his story with us, so maybe you can help police find the men who beat him up.
Instead of spending the holiday relaxing, James Squires sits in an oral surgeon's office trying to figure out what happens next.
Dr. Jay Sheets has an idea and shows us Squires' X-ray to explain.
"The fracture indicates this whole area's broken.  We can't put the patient's head in a cast, so we wire the patient's upper and lower jaw together for about six weeks," Sheets said.
Right now, Squires only knows he's a victim of a random act of violence.
As he walked home from work shortly after midnight Wednesday, Squires says three men stopped him and demanded money.
"I said I didn't have any money, and one of the guys said this is for real you know.  They hit me in the face the first time.  Then hit me again, knocked me across the street in the middle of the next road. There was blood on my jacket, and my glasses were full of blood," he said.
Squires' son Adam, can't believe someone attacked his dad.  He hopes police find the suspects soon.
"I'm very grateful he's alive.  I could have spent Christmas without him.  They left him there to die, I guess," Adam said.
Even so, Squires left the doctor's office with some more bad news.  He's got to be on a liquid diet for the next six weeks.
"It's not the most fun at Christmas time.  It's hard to eat turkey through a blender," Dr. Sheets said.
Still, Squires feels strong enough to get in the last word.
"There are people willing to give money to help other people out there.  This is Christmas.  They shouldn't be hurting people at all," he said.
Investigators say the street where the attack happened isn't typically known for its high crime, but they still plan on keeping a closer watch on the area in question.
Police ask you call them if you have any information you think might help.