Krajcir Connected to Eighth Heartland Murder

Timothy Krajcir
Timothy Krajcir
Joyce Tharp
Joyce Tharp

Krajcir Connected to Eighth Heartland Murder
By: Kathy Sweeney & Heartland News

PADUCAH, Ky. - More details today from the Paducah Police Department concerning yet another victim linked to Timothy Krajcir's deadly spree in the late 70's and early 80's.

Joyce Tharp, 29, was found raped and murdered back in March of 1979.

A flower delivery man found Tharp's nude body March 24, 1979 beside garbage cans behind Park Avenue Baptist Church in Paducah.

Autopsy results show she had been hit in the head and strangled.

At a news conference Wednesday, Paducah police laid out what they learned during an interview Tuesday with Krajcir at Tamms Supermax Prison.

Investigators say Krajcir admitted to going into Tharp's home while she slept.  Taking her to his home in Carbondale, sexually assaulting then killing her before bringing her body back to Paducah and dumping it behind Park Avenue Baptst Church.

Paducah police are looking into charging Krajcir with kidnapping.  They will not seek murder charges since the crime happened in Carbondale.

This information now ties Krajcir to eight victims in the Heartland.

He's already pleaded guilty to the 1982 murder of SIU college student Deborah Sheppard.
Krajcir's also confessed to killing Mary and Brenda Parsh, Sheila Cole, Margie Call, and Mildred Wallace in Cape Girardeau.

He's been tied to the 1978 murder of Virginia Witte in Marion, Illinois.

He's also a suspect in an unsolved murder in his homestate of Pennsylvania. 

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