Shop with a Hero Brings Happy Holidays to 400 Kids

Shop with a Hero Brings Happy Holidays to 400 Kids
By: Holly Brantley

DEXTER, Mo. - You've seen them respond to emergencies, fighting fires, and working crash scenes.
Sunday morning, those first responders had a very different job.
As part of the Shop with a Hero Program, just about everybody who wears a uniform in Stoddard County was represented as they helped give less fortunate boys and girls a Christmas to remember.
After a visit with Santa, the kids go shopping. With the help of Sheriff Carl Hefner, five-year-old Evelyn picks out some stockings.  It's important she has three. "Because I have two bubbies," explains Evelyn.  She's talking about her brothers Logan and Richard.
Her bubbies are also shopping.  Logan picked out some hot wheels toys, and Richard bought a Karaoke machine.
"On the way up here they all said 'I want to shop with a Policeman!,'" said their grandmother, Kathy Sanders.
Sanders says the Shop with a Hero program makes all the difference at Christmas time.
"If it wasn't for this, there would be a lot of kids that wouldn't have a good Christmas," said Sanders.
Greg Lintz is a Dexter firefighter and also vice president of Shop with a Hero.
"It's a good feeling," said Lintz. "It warms our hearts."
About 400 kids in all took part in the program over several weekends.  Each child was given a $50 gift card to spent at Wal-Mart in Dexter.  Officials taking part include police, paramedics, firefighters and many others.  There are also lots of volunteers.