YourTurn - 12/10/07

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Teresa Wright from Dexter:
"I want to thank (Mike Smythe) for supporting our military and being honest about the Westboro church's disrespect to families (11/4/07-Westboro Church Verdict).  It's a shame that a church could be that cruel to families in mourning.  The Patriot Guard Riders were formed after the church decided they had the right to protest (military) funerals...(the riders) are volunteers (who) show love and respect for our fallen heroes at the request of the families..."
Buddy Baker from Wappapello:
"(Healthcare costs) do not surprise me at all.  (There) are so many foreign doctors coming into this country who really are not qualified to practice medicine.  Why do they come here?  Could it be that doctors are some of the richest people in the world who live here?  I have an idea.  Let's charge them when they charge us for having to wait so long in waiting rooms.  Just deduct it right off the top."
Katrina Holston from Marble Hill:
"...the government doesn't want to help people who want to work. My husband is a brittle juvenile type 1 diabetic and can't get help with his insulin supplies.  Without his insulin supplies he will die.  People who want to be lazy and not work can get help.  No private insurance will cover him because it is a pre-existing (condition).  The government needs to put (its) feet into the hard working peoples' shoes..."

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