Holiday Shopping Scam Alert

Holiday Shopping Scam Alert
By: Wes Wallace listed five holiday shopping scams you need to know about.
First, it's an out of this world gift idea! Several companies claim they allow you to name a star after your loved one, but it won't be recognized by scientists or the International Astronomical Union.
The IAU is the only agency that names stars, and they do so by numbers, not a person's name.
Next, suggests watching out for fake charities.
Whether it's door to door or on the phone, some scammers will play off the giving season and give a pitch to help the less fortunate.
Don't make any quick decisions.  Before you say yes, do your homework to learn about who you're giving money to and find out where it's going.
Never buy anything from an unsolicited email.  Despite the promise of a great deal, you'll probably only end up with money lost and no gift, other than an email inbox full of spam.
Another online scam involves eBay.  While there are plenty of legitimate sellers and items to buy, remember you're dealing with a nameless, faceless, sales person.  Be a smart shopper when it comes to using your credit card, so you can cancel payment if you don't get what you paid for.
Finally...this one is legal, so you really have to watch out for the high pressure sale. says it can happen anywhere.  Again, do your homework and price check to know if you're actually getting a good deal.