Weather Watcher FAQ

We're always getting questions about our popular Heartland Weather Watchers.  So we've decided to try to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  How do you become a Weather Watcher?

First, it depends on whether or not we have a Weather Watcher already in your town.  If we don't currently have a Weather Watcher in your town, then it is just a matter of contacting us.  Then we'll get you a special Weather Watcher phone number to call in your observations.

2.  Do you have to have special equipment to be a Weather Watcher?

No.  All you need is a thermometer and a rain guage.  Most of these intsruments can be obtained from a local hardware store for just a couple dollars.

3.  Is it difficult to be a Weather Watcher?

No, it's actually pretty easy.  All you need to do is keep an eye on the weather.  We ask our Weather Watchers to generally call in about an hour to 30 minutes before each newscast with their current temperature.  If there's rain, we love to get rainfall amounts!  And of course, when there is snow we love to get snowfall amounts.  Or if there is some other kind of interesting weather going on (i.e. hail, high wind, thick fog, etc.) we ask that you give us a call and tell us about it.
You don't have to call in for every single newscast.  And you don't have to call in every single day.  Some of our Weather Watchers call in for 2 or 3 newscasts each day.  Some just call in once or twice a week.  We just ask you to call in when you get a chance.

4.  Do you have to take a test to be a Weather Watcher?

No.  Again, all you have to be able to do... Read a thermometer, rain guage, and dial a phone.  That's it!

5.  Are there any special perks?

Yes!  You get a place on our Weather Watcher webpage.  We'll also occasionally mention your name on the air.  Don't worry, if you don't want us to use your name on the television, we won't.

6.  How do I contact you about being a Weather Watcher?

You can get a hold of us three different ways. 
  • You can give us a call at the station (573) 335-1212. 
  • You can send us a letter.  Send the letter to:
Heartland StormTeam
310 Broadway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701