Popcorn Fork

Think about how you eat popcorn.  You probably constantly have to rub your fingers or hands together, to shake the salt off before you touch anything.  Maybe not, if you use the Popcorn Fork.  It's the only utensil deisgned especially for this fluffy snack food.

Popcorn is a popular snack. Many of us can't go to the movies without munching on some. And this is how we eat it -- by grabbing a handful.   But stop!  The Popcorn Fork claims to solve the problem of salty fingertips, and put some manners into munching!   It's a three-pronged plastic fork -- resembling lop-sided chopsticks.

We hit the mall in Cape Girardeau to get reaction.  Everyone laughed when they first saw it, some thought it was a joke, and others felt silly even trying it.   And no one liked the idea of eating popcorn one kernel at a time! Plus, if you squeeze the fork too hard, it busts your popcorn up.  And if you cram more than one piece in, it gets stuck and won't shake out into your mouth.

The Popcorn Fork is fun to talk about, but impractical to use. Businesses may want to order a bundle of these curious corn forks as give-a-way gadgets! But don't you waste even a couple of bucks on it! The Popcorn Fork gets a 'D.'