Coroner's SUV Stolen

Coroner's SUV Stolen
By: Holly Brantley
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - Herbert Miller says whoever took the SUV he uses as Perry County Coroner is driving around a red flag.
Someone stole his bright red 2001 Yukon.  It went missing Tuesday evening.  Someone took the vehicle from the Miller Family Funeral Home parking lot.  Miller and his wife were upstairs at the time.
"It's very noticeable going down the road," said Miller. "Anybody could pick it out."
David Rhoden, a family friend, noticed the SUV was missing and alerted Miller.
"I'm surprised someone took it," said Rhoden. "The parking lot is well lit.  Everybody in town knows it because it's bright red."
"We always leave the key under the floor mat because if I'm not here the deputy coroners need to get to it," said Miller.
The Yukon has three antennas, and special County plates that read: 3108 PC.
"It's strickly for the coroner," said Miller. "There's two stretchers, red lights, radio equipment, sirens, it's all in that truck."
Police say so far, the truck hasn't been spotted.  Miller notes the SUV was nearly out of gas, so the suspect or suspects may not have gotten far.  If you have any information, contact authorities.