Does it Work: Just for Men: Four Computer-related Products

Magno Grip
Magno Grip

Does it Work: Just for Men: Four Computer-related Products
By: Lauren Keith

Today's final piece in my week-long special series of Does it Work tests Just for Men features a bunch of computer-related products.  I think lots of gals will also enjoy this piece, even if it's technically just for men!
"I was thinking about getting one of these for all my guys here at the shop," says Andrew Bard of Computer 21 in Cape Girardeau.
But hold on, Andrew!  Let me try it before you buy it!  Andrew's talking about the Magno Grip.  It's one of many products that entice this computer tech.  Andrew and his employees constantly work with small screws as they make repairs.  This $25 gadget promises to keep everything in place.  Let's see.
Andrew reaches down, wearing the Magno Grip on his wrist, and sure enough, it picks up the metal screw.  That's one tough magnet, too.  You can actually hear it sucking up the screws.
"All you have to do is take it, and put it around your wrist.  When you're working on things, put 'em here.  No more dropping them or swallowing them!  Every guy puts nails or screws in his mouth as he hammers, even we know we're not supposed to!" says Andrew.
I'm sold.  The Magno Grip holds a solid A plus.
Now it's time to move vinyl records into the 21st century.  The Ion USB Turntable claims to download your records, turning them into mp3 files you can play on your computer---without damaging the records!  Here's proof.  We play the record after it downloads in real-time, and the sound is perfect!
"I'd say it's a good product.  I'd give the Ion USB Turntable a B plus, but for the average person, it's ok.  It's somewhat easy to install, so you might want to have a bit of a computer background when buying and installing this," points out Andrew.
But you'd better have a lot of records because this turntable costs $140.  It makes the grade to the tune of a B plus.
Ok, keeping with computers here.  For any dad wanting to keep an eye on his children's computer use, listen up.  The "Kid Safe" USB lock makes quite a claim.
"You want to keep a kid off the machine--take the key.  There's no getting around it," reads Andrew.
Well, let's see.  It takes about five minutes for Andrew to download the Kid Safe software.  Next, he logs onto the Internet, then yanks out the USB key.
"There you go," he says.
So essentially, parents can lock the computer, taking the so-called key with them.  Andrew likes this $80 dollar software, but sees one possible downfall.
"I do wish it would allow the parent to lock out only certain programs.  It'd be nice if they could still use Microsoft Word to work on their school work, but it is what it works well," says Andrew.
So, we'll give the Kid Safe software a B plus.
Finally, even hunters can bring technology into the woods.
"I like to go hunting and sometimes you don't carry enough water with you in the woods.  With the Steripen, you can use it ‘on the fly' in the woods.  Don't get me wrong, it's not going to make it taste any better than lake or pond water tastes," says Andrew.
The Steripen should sterilize that lake or pond water, using its UV light.  You swirl it around in a cup of water for just a few minutes.  Once the light goes off, you should have bacteria-free water. 
"There you go," says Andrew as we hear the glass pen clink against the cup of water.
So, assuming this light works, Andrew says he'll carry it on his next hunting trip.
"Best thing I can tell you is: when I go hunting in a couple weeks, I'll let you know if I get sick.  I think it does really work because I have used similar products before that do, so," he says.
That said, for one time only, I'll give the $100 Steripen the benefit of the doubt.  It concocts a B plus on this Does it Work test Just for Men.
Next week, we get back to normal on Heartland News, as far as Does it Work Wednesday goes.  On Wednesday, Nov. 21st, I'll feature one of two Toy Testers.  Parents, tune in, and find out what toys are hot this holiday season!  Look for that test during its normal approximate air time of 6:15 am on the Breakfast Show and 10:15 pm on Heartland News at Ten.

Have any experiences about any of the products I've featured this week, let us know.  Write a response in our Just for Men feedback web chat forum.

Andrew liked the products so much he's now going to offer them at his computer store.  He'll special-order them for you, if you like.  Find him at Computer 21's Web site.

Also, here are the product links:
Note:  Magnets can be harmful to some computer hard drives.  This device is probably more suited for construction workers, seamstresses, etc.