Two Golfing Gadgets: Does it Work Just for Men

Two Golfing Gadgets: Does it Work Just for Men
By: Lauren Keith

Today's Does It Work: Just for Men test features two golfing gadgets.  I head to Arena Golf in Cape Girardeau to check out the "I Gotcha Ready Warm-up System" and the "Super Stroke" putting system.
"We've had a lot of people come in and ask about it because they've seen both on TV," says Joe Burdess.
Burdess works at Arena Golf.  He shows today's tester, Brad Zaruba, how to use the special grip.  When Brad's not shooting Business Break for KFVS12, you can find him on the golf course.
"It would force you to be on line," says Brad swinging the Super Stroke.
Indeed.  The Super Stroke is actually a wide grip that a golf pro places on your club.  It's wide with flat sides, supposedly keeping you from breaking your wrists.  That's often the major downfall in putting.
Ok, the Super Stroke grip is on....and...
"Ooh!" Brad shouts. 
He barely misses!  Now we watch his second try, and he sinks it!  Next he moves even farther away from the hole, putts....and he makes it!
"Look what it did--it put 3 putts on-line!" he happily says.
But to be sure, Brad wants to use his own putter without the Super Stroke grip.  After he doesn't even come close, it's clear, the Super Stroke might help him become a better putter.
"It really could be a B plus to an 'A', but for the guy who has more to improve, he'd give it an 'A'," says Brad.
So, you might give it a try.  In the meantime, Brad thinks the Super Stroke Putting System is par for the course, earning a good 'B' plus.  You can buy the $40 Super Stroke Putting System at Arena Golf in Cape and online.
Now, let's move on to the next golfing gadget.
"In one minute, you're ready to play golf," says Jack Pettet.
Jack Pettet owns Arena Golf.  He says the "I Gotcha Ready Warmup System" is golf's 60-second warmup.  It's a weight you place on different points of your club.  There's one for women, men, seniors and a tour level-weight.  First, you swing for 20-seconds with the weight in the middle.
"And the weight forces you to have perfect timing," says Jack.
Then you move it as close to the grip as possible, and swing for anther 20-seconds.  Finally, slide it all the way down to the end of the club to truly stretch those muscles.
"If you're a golfer who slices, this is perfect to help you release that club," says Jack.
Now here's our slicer---no, just kidding, Brad's a good golfer, but admits he's been known to slice a few.
"You can definitely tell it's loosening you up," he says swinging the weighted-club.
Jack says most golfers are in such a hurry once they get off work and hit the links, they don't warm up, but by warming up for 60-seconds with the I-Gotcha Ready system, Brad is supposed to send this one outta here.
He drives.....
"I can tell right away that this helps.  There was nothing too that.  I don't usually hit the ball better if I had played all day.  This is really good," he says.
He drives again.
"I really like this," says Brad.  He was even out-of-breath a bit out of warming up with it.  He's liking the I-Gotcha Ready much better than the Super Stroke, at least for HIS game.
"The more I hit it, it's done more for me than I thought.  I think it's cleary an A minus."
Fair enough---the $30 I Gotcha Ready Warmup System sinks a hole in one for this golfer, earning an A minus on this Does it Work test just for men.  You can also buy it online or at Arena Golf in Cape Girardeau.
Have you tried these products?  Be sure to let us know your thoughts in our special Does it Work Just for Men web chat forum.  Tune in Thursday morning for the Breakfast Show and Heartland News at 5.  I'm testing a product all hunters and their wives need to see!