Military Murder Bill: A Local Soldier's Family Prepares for His Burial

Military Murder Bill: A Local Soldier's Family Prepares for His Burial
By: CJ Cassidy

UNITY, Ill. - Should murdering a service member be punishable by death?
That's what a Pennsylvania Congressman proposes.
The "Captain Scott Corwin Armed Forces Protection Act" would treat the murder, attempted murder or conspiracy to kill a member of the military the same as killing or trying to kill a police officer.
Marsha Price recently lost her soldier son in Germany.  His wife allegedly stabbed him to death at his 21st birthday party.
Now, as Price gets ready to bury her son, she hopes Congress will pass a law to let people know you can't kill a soldier and get away with it.
"The military protects this whole country, and civilians should not think they can take those who are protecting them.  You shouldn't kill no one anyway," Price said.
She hopes her son's wife, Joanna Chestnut Price, gets convicted for allegedly stabbing Private First Class Jeremy Price to death in Hanau, Germany.
She's also worried about her one-year-old grandson Elizha in foster care for at least 90 days.
"My son didn't have a family when he was born.  Now his son's going to be the same way.  I don't want that," she said.
Price's worry adds to her grief, and she says she would welcome a law that makes a soldier's murder punishable by death.
"I'll be the first to support it," she said.
"He was in here a lot, with his wife and baby," Army Sgt. Matt Hampton said.
The army recruiters who helped Price sign up are also stunned by the news of his brutal death.
"As a soldier we're expecting to hear so and so got hurt in Tikrit, or in Afghanistan, hurt or injured on the job.  What happened here, the domestic violence was quite a shock, especially after we get to know his family," Hampton said.
Back in Unity, Illinois, Marsha Price says she just wants to focus on the memories of her son.
"He's going to be back here in the back of my head, in my heart," she said.
Price says her son will get a full military honors.  Visitation is set for Friday at 11 a.m. at Second Baptist Church in Tamms, with the funeral immediately afterwards.
In the meantime, not everyone supports the proposed legislation.
One woman says it should be on a case by case basis, with a military service member's murder treated as any other murder would.