Student Shot at a Memphis High School

Officers had one person in custody just after 9:30 am.
Officers had one person in custody just after 9:30 am.
The victim, Anthony Williams, shortly after he was released from The MED
The victim, Anthony Williams, shortly after he was released from The MED
The following coverage is from our Raycom Media sister station, WMC-TV in Memphis, Tennessee.
Student Shot at a Memphis High School

An eleventh grade student is in police custody after a shooting Wednesday morning at Manassas High School sent another student to the hospital.

Investigators said the victim, Anthony Williams, is also an eleventh grade student at the school. Williams reported to the school's office after the shooting with a gunshot wound to his arm.

Williams was transported to the Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released.  A doctor at The MED said Williams' wound was superficial. 

The shooting happened just before 8:45 a.m.  Shortly after 9:30 a.m., police took one person in custody at the school.  The suspect, also a Manassas student, reportedly left the school after the shooting and was brought back by his mother.

Investigators said they did not know if the shooting was intentional or not.  Police have recovered the weapon they believe was used in the shooting.

Afterwards, Manassas High School was placed on lock down for a short time.  At 10:00 a.m., school officials said classes had resumed.

Officials said the act of bringing a weapon onto a school campus is punishable by a 180 suspension.

Stay with for updates on this story.  You can watch an exclusive interview with the mother of the shooting suspect in the video player to the right of this story.

The following video has been posted in the player to the right of this story:

1  Interview with victim Anthony Williams as he leaves The MED.
2. Interview with suspect's Mother
3. Interview with doctor who treated victim Anthony Williams

4. Breaking News coverage from 9:30 a.m. Wednesday

Memphis City Schools released the following statement:

"An 11th grade male student was shot in the arm by a classmate in one of the classrooms at Manassas this morning.  We understand it was not a life threatening injury.  The injured student was treated on the scene and transported to The Med soon after.

The thoughts and prayers of the Manassas school community and the entire Memphis City Schools family remain with the injured student and his family.

Immediately after this incident occurred, the school was locked down as a safety precaution.

This morning's incident involved one student in one classroom, and no other students were in danger.  Officers have conducted a security sweep of the school to make sure no additional weapons are present, and police are taking statements from witnesses.

The suspect is a student at Manassas and he is in police custody at this time.

The district is sending out a ParentLink phone message about this situation to all parents of Manassas, and letters will be sent home with students at the end of the school day."

Rita Cooper
Chief Spokeswoman
Memphis City Schools