Police Officers Indicted in Off-Duty Police Beating

Police Officers Indicted in Off-Duty Police Beating
By: Arnold Wyrick

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - All camera lenses focused on Williamson County State's Attorney Charles Garnati as he read off the indictments handed down by the grand jury against three sworn police officers and one auxiliary officer candidate.
The two-month long investigation has taken its toll on the seasoned prosecutor.
"It's been a real sad experience for me for the last two months to say the least," Garnati said.
And now the results of the indictments;
Williamson County Deputy Kyle Rinella faces a laundry list of charges from Mob Action, to Unlawful Restraint, and Official Misconduct.
Herrin Police Officer Clinton Ronchetto faces 15 counts ranging from Aggravated Battery to Obstruction of Justice.
Herrin Police part-time dispatcher Kyle Murray faces 10 counts ranging from Criminal Damage to Property, and Battery.
Finally, Michael Carruthers a candidate to join the Williamson County Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Force faces eight counts ranging from Unlawful restraint to Criminal Trespassing.
All four men were taken to the Jackson County jail on arrest warrants.  Their bonds were all set at $100,000 and three of them Rinella, Ronchetto, and Murray all posted their bond.
Michael Carruthers went before a judge on Tuesday afternoon and had his bond reduced to $50,000 but he remained behind bars in the Jackson County Jail as of late Tuesday afternoon.
Garnati said he's still not done looking for evidence in the case.
"I'm going to keep digging.  I'm going to look under every stone in this county.  And if I have to I'm going to turn over stones in other counties too and the grand jury is behind me.  Four have been indicted, but I guarantee you the investigation is continuing," Garnati said.