Former VA Hospital Doctor's License Suspended

Former VA Hospital Doctor's License Suspended
By: Mike Shain
MARION, Ill. - Illinois regulators say no more to a former surgeon at the Marion veterans hospital.
Illinois today suspended the medical license of Dr. Jose Veizaga-Mendez.
He's under scrutiny in the deaths of nine patents at the Marion VA hospital.
VA officials say that number is greater than what would be normal and the hospital has suspended surgeries.
Dr. Veizaga-Mendez resigned from the hospital in August.
He had surrendered his Massachusetts license before coming to Marion.
The Illinois medical disciplinary board says the doctor has agreed to the suspension as part of a deal with the state.
That deal is that he cannot ask for his Illinois license back until and if Massachusetts restores his license there.
Records in Massachusetts say the 69-year-old Bolivian trained Veizaga-Mendez made two malpractice payments and was under investigation in seven surgical cases, two of which ended in deaths.
Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says the nine deaths at Marion were related to operations that went beyond the surgeon's expertise.
Marion VA serves veterans in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana.