Dennis Kucinich (D) - Issues Stance*

Dennis Kucinich (D) - Issues Stance*
Iraq War
Kucinich says the United States must embrace strength through peace.  His plan for Iraq includes bringing U.S. troops home immediately.  He also thinks all U.S. contractors should return and the contract work be turned over to the Iraqi government.  He says a regional conference needs to be convened to secure stabilization.  He also calls for an international peace-keeping force to move in and replace U.S. troops.  He wants to develop and fund a process of national reconcilliation, restart programs for jobs for the Iraqi people, provide reparations for the damage to Iraqi lives, ensure political sovereignty for Iraq to make sure their oil isn't stolen, prepare the Iraqi economy, provideo economic sovereignty, and hold a reconcilliation conference between Iraq and America.
Kucinich supports a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system that leaves no American behind.  He says America's current private healthcare system wastes billions of dollars.
Kucinich supports joining the Kyoto accord and implementing its recommendations.  As President, he promises to lead the way in protecting America's oceans, rivers and rural environments and fight for clean, affordable and accessible drinking water.  He says he will focus on reversing unsustainable actions in energy consumption, military spending, economic and tax policy, environmental policy, and land and water use.

*No longer running for president.