Kid Hero Saves Teacher
By: Holly Brantley

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - A Heartland kid who loves super heroes got a chance to be one.
Two weeks ago, teacher Madonna Kenser, of Oak Grove Elementary in Poplar Bluff, suddenly had an asthma attack during class.  Her hero is one of her students, nine-year-old Brendon Garman.
"I was teaching the class using the projector and little did I know I was allergic to the fumes of my dry erase pen," Kenser said. "My throat began to close."
"I was having an asthma attack," she said.  "The students were watching and I knew I had to get to my desk."
Before Kenser could get to her desk and her inhaler, she passed out.
"I was starting to get worried," said Brendon Garman, the young hero.
Brendon quickly came to Kenser's rescue.
"I just ran over when she passed out," said Brendon.  He got to her purse and grabbed her inhaler, gave it to his groggy teacher and saved her life.  He says he knew what to do from a scene in the movie "Are We There Yet."
"If I didn't see that movie, I wouldn't know what to do," said Brendon.
"After the event he said '‘You know Mrs. Kenser, TV's not so bad huh?'" said Kenser.
Brendon's family is very proud of him.  His mother and teachers point out something that makes this young hero even more amazing.  Brendon has autism, something that usually affects communication and social skills.  Kenser and Brendon's mother hope others will see autistic kids, like Brendon, are full of potential and capable of incredible things like saving a life.   
"I went to the doctor and he said 5000 people die from the things that happened that day," said Kenser. "There's a good chance I wouldn't be here."
Kenser says she's very proud of her entire class for their calm reaction.  Ironically this is Autism Week.