Baggy Pants Ban

Baggy Pants Ban
By: Wes Wallace

CHARLESTON, Mo. - The fashion police crack down on a Heartland high school, and it's not because of bad style.
"We've had the policy in place for years now, it's nothing new," said Kevin Miller, Superintendent of Charleston Schools. " What is new is the fact we're enforcing the policy more strictly now."
Students can get five warnings for wearing pants too low or too revealing, and then they must wear a belt and a tucked-in shirt for the rest of the year.
"It's really a fashion issue and a social issue," said Miller. "We're sensitive to different groups and their dress style."
While most students don't seem to mind the change, others say it does impact their personal choice of what to wear.
Miller said one of the biggest problems is trying to figure out a rule of thumb.  Based on body type and cut of clothing, one person's definition of baggy differs from the next.