Domestic Disturbance Call Turns Deadly

Domestic Disturbance Call Turns Deadly
By: Holly Brantley & Christy Hendricks

DONIPHAN, Mo. - A Doniphan man is dead after police responded to a domestic disturbance call late Friday night.
John D. Vasquez died of a gunshot wound to the neck and upper body.
According to the Doniphan Police Department, witnesses say John D. Vasquez had been drinking and assaulted another person in the home.
An officer shot Vasquez after he allegedly grabbed a butcher knife and began to move toward another officer.  The Ripley County coroner pronounced Vasquez dead at the scene.
Vasquez's family says he was not the type of person to attack a police officer.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation.
The Doniphan police chief placed the two officers involved in the shooting death on automatic administrative leave with pay to seek counseling before returning to work.  Those officers are Raymond Dickson and Joe Joiner.

An autopsy on Vasquez's body was scheduled for Saturday.
The Ripley County coroner announced he will conduct a Cornoner's Inquest after the Missouri State Highway Patrol's investigation is concluded and the results of the autopsy are available.