Emjoi Tweeze: Does it Work?

Emjoi Tweeze: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Emjoi Tweeze isn't a razor; instead it's an automatic tweezer that promises to remove unwanted facial hairs faster and more efficiently than plucking alone.  Its claim must be convincing because hundreds of you have emailed me asking me to "try it before you buy it" on Does it Work Wednesday.  Ruth Hency of Oran was one of those viewers.
"I was curious and I thought I'd write Lauren," said Ruth.
"I have facial hair mostly around my lips.  I just don't like it, and I thought the Tweeze looked like it's a lot easier to use than regular tweezers," said Ruth.
Ruth hopes the Tweeze puts an end to her daily plucking.  After all, it's an automatic tweezer that's supposed to remove hair from the root leaving soft skin in its place.  Right away we see a warning that might not keep Ruth's skin looking so smooth.
"It may cause redness for three to four days," said Ruth as she read the instructions.
Still, she hopes the Tweeze works. So, as directed, Ruth isn't wearing makeup around her lips and chin.  It's hard to see her fine, light-colored facial hair on camera, but Ruth knows its there and she wants it gone!  Next, she turns the Tweeze on and we can see the wheels rolling as she glides it over her face.
"It's a little more than a tickle," she said. "I can feel it pulilng a little bit and it does look a little red," says Ruth.
Yes, it does, but a determined Ruth applies her makeup, just to see if it covers the red splotches, and it does.
I ask Ruth:  "Do you like this better than tweezing?"
"Oh yes. You get much more than one hair at a time, and running this over your face is much easier than individually plucking.  It's sometimes hard to pluck hairs out by yourself with regular tweezers," she said. 
Ok, I'm curious now.  I put the Tweeze on my arm, hoping those hairs will show up better on-camera and you can see just how much----or how little-----the Tweeze removes it.
"Oh!" I yell. 
Ruth is definitely tougher than me.  The Tweeze doesn't hurt, but it does take you by surprise.  It's a true "pulling" feeling and I can see it does pull out hairs.  I think the "pulling" feeling is  something I think you'd get used to.  As for that redness on the skin, we check back in with Ruth several days later.  She said it cleared up and again, she could easily put makeup over it.
"Because of the irritation, most women would probably get that, but if it doesn't make you use it again in six to 8 weeks, I'd give it a 'B.'  I think it works and I like it better than regular tweezers," said Ruth.
So, I'll stick with her grade, but caution you, check with a professional if you're concerned about redness the Tweeze can cause. In the meantime, the $20 Tweeze plucks a "B" on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
Also, the Emjoi Tweeze is NOT to be used on eyebrows.  It would take off way too many hairs maybe even the whole eyebrow, so again, do not use this on eyebrows.  You can buy it at Wal-Mart, Linens 'n' Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond.