Parking Ticket Woes

Parking Ticket Woes
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Record enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University could mean money out of your pocket, especially if you try parking on campus when school's in session.
It's adding up to a lot of tickets on students' windshields.
Campus police say they hired on about a dozen more students to patrol the parking lots since the end of last semester.  Needless to say those guys won't win any popularity contests anytime soon!
In just the two weeks since classes began, more than two dozen Southeast Missouri State students have already racked up between five and twenty tickets a piece.  That makes ticket enforcers pretty unpopular.
That's because they're likely to pop up when you least expect it.
"The lovely neon shirt here is not a symbol of love and affection," said Scott Schweisow, one of 29 enforcers.
But Schwiesow and Ben Meyr say they're not out to win any friends.  They're out to do a job.
"I don't really care. My friends still like me, so that's all that matters to me," Meyr said.
It's a job not everyone wants to do.
"It's not up my alley.  I'm more of a people person, and I try not to intentionally do things to get people to not like me," Joshua Smith said.
"They have to wear those lime green shirts.  I don't think they would be liked too much," said Felicia Jenkins.
Enforcers say they've been called a lot of things, from parking Nazis to names we can't really mention, but at the end of the day they can walk away with their heads held high.
"There are some people who like what we do, because if you pay for your parking permit and don't get your spot that's unfair," Meyr said.
Anyone who gets a ticket can appeal it before student government and some of them could get tossed.
Bottom line, if you drive on campus, student or not, you must have a permit to park.  Otherwise, you have to find a meter.
But watch out, you'll also get a ticket if you don't put in enough money into those meters.