Naylor Dedicates New Elementary School

Naylor Dedicates New Elementary School
By: Holly Brantley

NAYLOR, Mo. - It's a project 20 years in the making.
"The kids are so excited," said Naylor Elementary Principal  Sherry Burns.
More than 200 elementary students greet the new school year with a brand new school building.  For Naylor, it took more than money.  
Superintendent Stephen Cookson explains with the district's low assessed value, even if they bonded to capacity, that wouldn't have covered it.
"We had to spend a lot of time in the past being frugal and saving.  Over the years we've saved a million dollars," Cookson said.
"I just feel my heart is in this school," said Principal Burns. "The school means so much to me because I started kindergarten in the old elementary school in 1969.  My first teaching job was here."
The old building went up during the Great Depression.  School leaders say the old structure was sound, but updates were needed.
"We have what we need now.  I think it brings pride to students and teachers," said Burns.
Smart boards replace chalk boards.  Every room has air-conditioning, a sink, and other perks.
"Finally we've got something everybody can be excited about," said Burns.
Superintendent Stephen Cookson says they are still working out a few glitches in their new building. They hope to be 100 percent by Labor Day.
As for the old building, most of it will probably be torn down but they plan to try and save part of the structure.