Melon Ease Melon Cutter: Does it Work?

Melon Ease Melon Cutter: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith
The Melon Ease melon cutter from the Harriet Carter magazine promises to slice melons instantly.  I take it to the Marion Farmer's Market where there are plenty of melons for sale.
"Ok, we're going to try this and see if it works!" said John Biever, an organic grower from Pittsburg, Illinois.
John Biever will try the Melon Ease melon cutter on some of his fruit.  It claims to slice those melons, simply by giving the handle a twist.  Of course, you'll still have to slice the fruit in half and remove the seeds.  We start first with John's watermelons.  He turns the handle and....
"There you are. How 'bout that? You've got wedges see," said Biever.  "Now, I don't know what you're going to do with the rest of it."
True.  There is some remaining fruit around the rhine that could be cut with a knife.  However,  the Melon Ease did make slicing a ripe watermelon very easy.  Now, let's try some cantaloupes.  John thinks this cutter might not glide in as well, since cantaloupes are naturally tougher than watermelons.
"I think we're finding it's made for watermelon, unless it's a big cantaloupe," said Biever.
He slides the Melon Ease into the cantaloupe, and we hear a "pop" sound.  Turns out, the Melon Ease popped one of its blades!  We're finding the Melon Ease is easy to break!
"Definitely only for watermelons!" laughs John.
However, he gets the part popped back into place and has a theory.  
"I wonder if you should use a cantaloupe that's much bigger than the cutter itself.  This was a big melon, but maybe if we try an even bigger one, it will slide in better. Perhaps, I got too close to the rhine when I slid it in?" John said.
So, we find a bigger cantaloupe at the next vendor's stand, Scott Davie of Colp Illinois.
"I'm not too sure it's going to work after watching it break on John!" Scott said.
Again, it takes some effort to get this cutter to slice through this ripe melon.
"Woops! It popped out again! I promise I didnt' do it!" laughs Scott.
Yeah, it's easy to see...the Melon Ease cutter isn't all that durable.  It gets high marks for gliding through the watermelon, but it fails to cut cantaloupes.  The $10 Melon Ease barely works and slices up a D minus on this Does it Work Wednesday test.