Google Earth Tools

Google Earth is a powerful mapping tool that you can use on your home computer.  Even better, the program is FREE.

There are several tools you can use with Google Earth to follow hurricanes through the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.
We have put together links to files you can download to your computer and use with Google Earth.
  • Hurricane Hunter Flight Data - These are the guys that fly in to hurricanes.  You can see their position, altitude, wind speed, wind direction and air temperature.
  • Buoy & Ship Obersvations - This allows you to find out what weather conditions (temperature, wind speed, wind gusts, wave height, barometic pressure) are like at various weather buoys across the oceans and weather reports from ships.
  • Hurricane Forecasts - This shows you the hurricane forecast track and intensity from the National Hurricane Center and various weather computer model forecast tracks.
To use the data, save the file to your computer.  Open up Google Earth.  Click on "File" and then "Open".  The select the file to load in the data.