New Nest for Kelly Hawks

New Nest for Kelly Hawks
By: Holly Brantley

BENTON, Mo. - It's been a long time coming, but the Hawks of Kelly High School finally have a new nest.  After years in close quarters, students finally have room to spread their wings.
Tuesday night the building was dedicated.
But, excitement is building for the first official day of classes.  Thursday, 350 students will walk through the doors of the new school.
"Teachers and students have been working really hard to get everything ready," said Principal Tom Hulshof.
"I can't wait! I love school and I'm so excited," said Lena Gray.
Students who remember life in the crowded old building look forward to all the extra space.
"In the hallways it was like an expressway," said Gray. "Lots of people going one way. Another crowd going the other direction. Now the halls are double the size!"
It took the growing district seven tries before voters approved the expansion.
"It's been a big project," said Principal Hulshof. "The time is near and school is almost starting. We are ready."