Hot Jobs in the Heartland

Hot Jobs in the Heartland
By: Holly Brantley
As Mother Nature heats things up, we're looking for hot jobs in the Heartland.  Today we found two jobs you might not think about.
Sure it's out of the direct sunlight, but make no mistake, for the guys at Performance Quick Lube in Cape Girardeau, their job is hot!
"Hot engines, mufflers, you have to stick your hand in some tight spots," said Jon Beck.
Beck has the hottest job of all.  He's the pit guy.  For him, not only the location is steamy, the cars are plenty hot too.
But Jon hardly ever burns himself, he's a pro. "Not anymore," said Jon. "I'm getting pretty good."
Meanwhile at Beggs Family Farm in Blogdett, sun up to sun down men load and haul watermelons.  It's a back breaking job most people never see.
"A lot of people don't realize it's so hard on all the guys in the field," said David Scowden. "They are out there picking up and throwing, picking up and throwing, and they don't get any breaks. It's steady sweating."
One thing the jobs do have in common, when the day is over the men say they head straight to the shower.