Hot Temperatures and Hot Tempers Flare

Hot Temperatures and Hot Tempers Flare
By: Wes Wallace

SIKESTON, Mo. - Two shootings, three victims, one city block in Sikeston, and no arrests.
"I think the heat is making people crazy," said Rotesha Newman. "There's a lot of that going on."
Whether it's the heat or not, Rotesha decided to drive down the 800 block of Ruth Street to see what was up.
"You can get pretty aggravated pretty quick if you can't get out of this 100 degree weather,"  said Sgt. Jim McMillen with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.
Investigators with Sikeston DPS don't think the shootings are related, even though they happened in almost the same spot on the same street.
"We haven't seen any link between the two cases right now," said McMillen.  "Sometimes we do get a lot of traffic in that area, and right now it's more coincidence at this point."
Sikeston police seemed to have stepped up patrols in that area.  In the ten minutes Heartland News was there getting video, at least five different patrol cars went by.
Authorities have made one arrest in connection with the shooting Tuesday morning.