Keeping Cool in Heartland Heat

Keeping Cool in Heartland Heat
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - August sunshine and Heartland humidity, there's just no way around it. It gets hot in a hurry.
But, not quite as hot as one temperature reading.  Folks called to let us know one store's outdoor sign read 501 degrees!
"I know it's not that hot," said Eva Abernathy. "I just checked my car thermometer and it said 102 degrees. That's still too hot though!"
College kids learn to make the most of Heartland heat.  The sun lured them to the pool a little earlier than usual.
"None of us had to work today so we just decided to play a little volleyball and stay cool," said Nancy Mueller.
"It's so hot, it's just miserable," said Holly Phillips.  Phillips decided to bring her two boys to the movies to cool off.  "It's too hot for the water parks," she said. "This is much better. Each day I try to plan something inside."
While the hot temperatures are expected to hang around, here's some tips for making the most of your cooling bill:
If you have central air, cool only the rooms you use. But, don't close all your vents.
Set the thermostat as high as possible.  Ameren UE suggests keeping it at 78 degrees for efficiency.
Also, clean your filters. Disposable filters should be replaced every month or two.