Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits 14,000

Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits 14,000
By: Ryan Tate
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 14,000 Tuesday morning, before finishing below that number.  It is the first time in history it has reached that number.
Investors reacted to government data showing declining wholesale-level inflation and better than expected profits at several key companies.
"Certainly investors should be excited because it's reached a new plateau. But that doesn't mean they should cash out today," Bob Etherton said.  Etherton is a financial advisor in Cape Girardeau.
"It may be a possible goal for the Dow to hit 15,000 in six months, nine months or a year. I'm not going to say it will happen, but it might," Etherton said.
Etherton said the market is a good place to have investments, compared to other investment options.  Even though it has reached an all-time high, that does not necessarily mean it is headed down.
"There's no reason to be pessimistic about the market reaching a high. The market can up and continue to go up," Etherton said.
Etherton said the market's health shows the economy is in good shape.
According to analysts, the reason the market finished under 14,000 was because players decided to do some profit-takeing at the end of the day.