Those charged with beating former paramedic head to court

Those charged with beating former paramedic head to court
By: Erica Byfield

HICKMAN COUNTY, Ky. - Four people charged with attacking a former Hickman County paramedic head to court.

The defendants said the beating was justified, they allege the former paramedic took pictures of a dead 16-year-old and posted them on the Internet. 
But on Monday in the preliminary hearing the victim, John Snow, said that is not the case. 
Both sides may not agree what triggered the assault.     
"We know he was taking pictures," said Phillp Smith.  
"I didn't take any pictures of their son," said John Snow.
All parties do admit that on Sunday May 28th at least four people attacked former Hickman County paramedic John Snow; and for the first time they talked about it in open court.
"By the time it was over, I was on the floor on my back.  I wasn't able to get up there where three or four holding me down striking me," said Snow.   
"I hit him like I was a man, kicked, hit and told him I can't believe you done this and he kept saying you've got the wrong man," said Lanetta Bonkin. 
This mess comes on the heels of others in Hickman County making the exact same claim; that Snow put images of people's wounds on the popular website MySpace.
Snow admitted to it and later removed the pictures.
That is also the reason why the family of 16-year-old Josh Smith, who died in the crash on May 20th, believes Snow did it.
"We got the right man," said Bodkin.  
"They said it was on the Internet.  We kept asking for a Web site because we wanted to be able to trace where the pictures actually came from because there were several other people at the scene taking pictures," Snow said. 
After listening to the defense and prosecution, the judge did decide to set a pre-trail conference date and reduced the charges from felony to misdemeanor assault.
Bonkin said she'd do it all over again.  "It was all worth it regardless of what I go through I'm not thinking about me."
"I just want the truth to come out," Snow said.  
And both sides said they will win when the case goes to trial.
John Snow told Heartland News that his paramedic license is temporarily suspended for posting pictures of patient's wounds on the Internet that are unrelated to this case.